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Welcome to Weather Compass! Weather Compass officially opened on January 7, 2007.  Originated in South Jersey, we strive to bring you the most accurate weather information twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Weather Compass’s goal is to provide our guests with the most accurate weather information whenever you may need it with an extremely easy-to-use interface.  Many other major weather websites are more difficult to navigate through because they have too much information on them, making it confusing to find what you really need.  

We get the majority of our weather information directly from AccuWeather and NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).  We also build some of our own forecasts.  Every weather website essentially gives you the same information, however what makes Weather Compass different is the experience.  Experience the easiness of navigating around our website without any confusion.  Below, you can find our Site Map with a description of what information each page on Weather Compass will provide you with.

    Site Map

     This is a site map illustrating all of the pages in which comprises Weather Compass. 

    • Regional Radars: Shows you a local radar of your region throughout the United States.
    • Weather Alerts: Is there a storm moving your way? Check to see if there are any advisories in your area by clicking anywhere on our advisories’ map.
    • International Weather: Traveling abroad? Find out any forecast for any international city.
    • Weather Terms: Provides you with a list of commonly used weather terminology with definitions.
    •  Global Warming: Get all of the information about global warming and its effects on Earth with before/after photos.
    •  Atmospheric Arcade: Have some fun while checking your local forecast by playing some great online games for free!
    • Education Center: Consists of our Webquests that can be downloaded for free.  Weather Compass Webquests are pre-made tests, quizzes, projects, labs, homework assignments, and classroom assignments recommended for teachers/instructors.  They are ready to be printed out and handed to your class!
    • Major City Forecasts: Get the five-day forecast for the top ten most populated cities around the United States.
    • Guest Relations: A single page dedicated to our guests.  You can find our privacy policy, reach website security, and even get some useful online safety tips!
    • Advertise:  Cheaply advertise your business on Weather Compass by visiting our advertisement page for all of the information and pricing plans.
    • Affiliates: Become an official affiliate of Weather Compass if you have a website and you can join a great community of people on the web!
    •  Acceptable Use Policy:  Weather Compass has enacted an Acceptable Use Policy that governs the use, rules, and regulations that all guests must follow when visiting our site.
    • Feedback: Let us know how you like Weather Compass by giving us a comment.


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    • WE ARE UPDATING! Some pages and features may not be available over the course of the next couple of months as our site will be under construction.  We apologize for any inconveniece!
    Interested in finding out the history of Weather Compass?  Check out our "About Us" page for background information and a site map that gives you a description of each page.

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