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  • AccuWeather- One of the nations most leading weather providers in the world!
  • Save Our Planet- If you don't, who will?  (Great Global Warming Information!)

Joining Weather Compass's Affiliate's Program is completely FREE!  Our affiliates are our number one guests!  If you would like to be apart of our great community, read all of the information and then fill out our affiliate's application below. 

What are the benefits to joining Weather Compass' Affiliate's Program?
  1. Free marketing/advertisement
  2. Feeling apart of something
  3. Staying connected
  4. Getting special discounts if other member's join that sell things via their website
  5. Be the first to know about certain things about someone's website
  6. Exchange ideas about all of our sites so that each of us can continue to keep expanding
  7. Who knows- the next person to create another billion dollar idea such as Facebook or Google could be apart of this affiliate's program!

(Revised March 2011)
  • Your website may not contain any pornographic material or links to pornographic sites.
  • Your website may not contain adult or illegal material. This also includes alcohol and drug related content.
  • Make sure you read over Weather Compass's Acceptable Use Policy as well as our Privacy Policy before filling out any form on our website.
  • Your website must be approved by a Weather Compass official.  We will notify you via email if you have been accepted.  A Weather Compass official will also give you other specific directions and procedures if your website is approved.
  • You must provide a link of some sort back to Weather Compass somewhere on your website.
  • We will monitor all affiliated websites. If we see that your website has changed and inappropriate material has been added anywhere on your website, we will take your link off Weather Compass and remove you from our Affiliate's Program.
  • Once a Weather Compass official has read over your application and approved your website, we will then put a link up to your website with your website slogan on our Affiliate's page.
  • It is assumed that once you have read through these requirements and filled out our application, you agree to abide by these requirements as well as all of our website policies.

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