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Welcome to Weather Compass's Education Center.  This page is specifically desinged for high school science teachers.  You can find all of our Webquest Editions at the Education Center.  Weather Compass Webquests are labs, quizzes, tests, projects and other assignments ready to be printed out and handed to your students.  Our webquests focus on meteorology, situations of different weather events, global warming, specific storms, Doppler Radar, and other weather related material.  All webquest editions can be assigned to students at the high school level.


  NOTICE:  All webquests are in a PDF format. If you are using a PC, you will need Adobe Reader to view any webquests. If you are using a Mac, your computer already comes with an application called 'Preview' that allows you to view PDF files. However, Adobe Reader is available for free for Mac or PC.

Global Warming Edition- NEW

  • Summary: The Weather Compass Webquest: Global Warming Edition consists of 6 sections over a span of 7 pages.  For this webquest, you will go to different websites, read material about global warming, climate change, and the Greenhouse Effect and then answer specific questions relating to the text that you have read.  At the end of the webquest, you will write a minimum of a 2 page essay about the topic of global warming and climate change.
  • Recommended Grade(s): 9-12
  • Requirements:  A computer with internet access; A printer if one is available
  • Recommended Uses: Classroom activity, quiz, homework assignment, project
  • Objective: Students will learn all about the Greenhouse Effect, global warming, and climate change. Student will also be able to identify different components of Carbon Dioxide and how it affects the atmosphere and its relationship to temperature.  Students will also learn about Al Gore's theories about global warming in a 10 minute preview of his documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth".
  • Answer Key: No (Coming Soon)
  • Grading System: Yes, worth 100 points


Hurricane Edition 


  • Summary: The Weather Compass Webquest: Hurricane Edition is made up of 9 pages.  For this webquest, you have been elected Mayor of Pensacola Beach, Florida.  After you have just been elected into office, you find out that Hurricane Olivia is approaching and you must make the executive decision as to issue a forced or voluntary evacuation. 
  • Recommended Grade(s): 9-12
  • Requirements: A computer with internet access 
  • Recommended Uses: Classroom activity, homework assignment, project 
  • Objective: Students will learn the basics about hurricanes and how they develop.  Students will also be able to identify the difference between tropical depressions, tropical storms, and hurricanes.
  • Answer Key: No 
  • Grading System: No

General Weather Edition 


  • Summary: The Weather Compass Webquest: General Weather Edition contains 7 sections that emphasize thunderstorms, tornados, floods, hail, lightning, winter weather, and damaging winds.  For this webquest, you will navigate to several different websites, read information, and answer questions relating to the text that you have read.   
  • Recommended Grade(s): 9-12
  • Requirements:  A computer with internet access; Printer (if available)
  • Recommended Uses: Classroom activity, project
  • Objective: Students should learn the basics of thunderstorms, tornados, floods, hail, lightning, winter weather, and damaging winds.  Students will be able to identify how thunderstorms develop, where tornado ally is and what states it comprises, the different types of warnings and watches issued for floods, what causes lightning, how a winter storm develops, and other weather related questions.
  • Answer Key: Yes- Found below
  • Grading System: Yes- worth 100 points 


General Weather Edition.pdf 

General Weather Answer Key Edition.pdf 

Test Edition

  • Summary: The Weather Compass Webquest: Student Test Edition consists of 25 questions which include multiple choice, fill in the blank, and short answer.  This test focuses on meteorology,  different levels of the atmosphere, situations of different weather events, definitions of weather terms, and global warming. The Student Test Edition is formatted as a test for your convenience. It also features a complete Study Guide so your students will know exactly what to study for.
  • Recommended Grade(s): 9-12
  • Requirements: None
  • Recommended Uses: Test/Exam, Quiz, Classroom Assignment, Homework Assignment
  • Objective: Students will be able to identify a list of weather related terms found on the study guide provided below.  Students will also learn about the effects of global warming, the different levels of the atmosphere, what the jet stream is, and the difference between a warning, watch, and an advisory that the national weather service issues.
  • Answer Key: Yes- Found below
  • Grading System: Yes- Worth 75 points


Activity/ Lab Edition


  • Summary: The Weather Compass Webquest: Activity/Lab Edition is a more advanced webquest as it poses questions much harder than other webquest editions.  This particular webquest is set up as a lab with a problem, materials needed, background information, a procedure, questions, and a conclusion. Consisting of (6) pages, the Activity/Lab edition focusses on how meteorologists track severe weather with Doppler Radar. 
  • Recommended Grade(s): 9-12
  • Requirements: Ruler, colored pencils, and a calculator
  • Recommended Uses: Lab, Classroom Activity
  • Objective: Students will learn how scientists track severe storms using Doppler Radar.  Students will also learn how to convert meters per second to miles per hour and the directions from which wind blows as well as other related content.
  • Answer Key: No
  • Grading System: No 


Activity/Lab Edition.pdf

Acceptable Use Policy Notification

The Weather Compass Acceptable Use Policy has been extended with the following rules and regulations pertaining to the Weather Compass Webquest:

The Weather Compass Webquest has been created to give instructors/teachers another tool to help students learn more about the weather, the atmosphere, and Global Warming.  As part of Weather Compass’s Acceptable Use Policy, the following rules and regulations have been established and must be followed:
Note: "This document" refers to all Webquest Editions
• This document is sole property of Weather Compass.  This document should only be used for its intended purpose which would be anything pertaining to education.  

• The Weather Compass Webquest (all editions) may not be modified or altered in anyway while using a computer.  Nothing on this document may be copied without written permission from Weather Compass. You may, however, structure it to best suit your needs by making physical (handwritten) modifications to this document such as: crossing questions out and/or changing the grading policy.
• This document has been locked so that modifications can only be done in a handwritten manner.  Once any modifications are made on this document in a handwritten manner, Weather Compass is no longer responsible for the material that this document contains.

• This document may not be unlocked at anytime by anyone other than a Weather Compass official.

If any of these rules and regulations cannot be followed for whatever reason, you are not permitted to print out any editions of the Weather Compass Webquest.  For more information about our Acceptable Use Policy, please click



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