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"Very nie looking website you have there. It looks pretty interesting. I have saved your website to my favorites."

"Stunning site and quite honestly this was the first site that I have visited that was dedicated to the weather. It was easy to navigate, informative, creative design and quite original. Great job..."

"Very nice site. Good graphics. Easy to navigate. Great source for weather. Good luck to you !!"

"What a weatherfull site!!! Very informative and the links open quickly and easily. The maps are Great and very detailed. "

"Great resource for weather information. Has a live national radar too. Great site."

"what an interesting web site! Well thought out and very professional. Plenty of info. and all images are nice and clear."

Kate Maggie
"The site loads quickly. Plus I like the well organized layout. Easy finding info. Well done, designed web site. For finding weather either national, local. link. Especially like the online radar."

"Very useful, well organized site. Great variety of colors. Easy navigation, quick response."

"very nice but we have a weather up date on our cable so I think this is the same.but it is very nice to have, if we didn't have it we would get it."

"Great site, nice layout, very informative, good luck and keep up the good work!!!"

"A great website. Loading time was a little on the long side but that goes without saying when looking at the content. In all, a site worth visiting again."

"i love this site, this site has been bookmarked. i will used it to check the weather when i get up in the morning , better than waiting til the news scheduled time for weather reports. great site navigation, quick response when i click on an item. jeep up the good work and good luck with your site."

"awesome site. I was extremelly impressed by the different radars and info you presented. Keep up the hard work. I can defiantly see this site going somewhere."

"I like this site! I love weather sites and this one has a clean professional look with all the info you wan to see right on the homepage! I found the scrolling text a little hard to read. Maybe change the color of the text?? Nice site!"

"Awesome site!! I like the weather maps showing the entire country with the temps and fronts. Great resource for weather anywhere. Keep up the great work."

"awesome I added you to my favorites I am a long haul trucker and I will be recommending this site Good job i like how you have all the sattelite temp wind and conditions on one page!!!"

"great site, ive not seen a site like this b4 great idea."

"I bookmarked it..."

"great site, all i have to say about this one."

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